Students sketch projected geometry from 2D multi-views into a 3D isometric shape on touchscreen laptop.  They interpret visible, hidden and centerlines.  Autodesk Sketchbook is the preferred software for hand sketching.

Thinking in space is a spatial visualization technique that finds meaning in the shape, size, orientation, location, direction of objects, or the relative positions in space of multiple objects.  Spatial thinking uses the properties of space as a vehicle for structuring problems.  
Teens will gain an interpretation of 2D data sets in making 3DCAD models with state-of-the-art PTC Creo Parametric (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) software.  Students create and control design features, lay out multi and isometric views, cross sections, and learn how to annotate dimensions.

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3DCAD MASTERS - Creative learning

INTRO TO engineering graphics DESIGN FOR THE YOUNG