Social proof: testimonials

“My two teenage sons, 13 and 15, have been doing 3D CAD with Tan Le now for over a year. It is a phenomenal program from several different aspects. They are learning cutting edge technology that is used today by numerous companies and big firms, while also learning spacial visualization, and hand-sketching (I don’t think others teach this valuable skill). My fellows have thoroughly enjoyed expanding their skill sets and look forward to going each time; it is the highlight of their schooling. Tan is a wonderful, smart, polite, and sweet teacher as well as a perfect gentleman. He works patiently with the kiddos and keeps them on task and learning new techniques as they progress, encouraging them each step along the way. He also is easy to work with, and the kids fit right in. I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about him and especially his program. He stays on the cutting edge with the latest technology from his 3D mouse, 3D printer, touch screen Wacom enabled tablets, and huge flat screen t.v.’s so the kids can see up on the wall their work on the big screen, yet it also allows Tan to see easily and track their steps as they work. His classes are kept small so that it seems like your student is getting one on one teaching. Another great aspect is that this will look quite unique on your son's transcript if he stays with the program moving through each of the levels (there are three). By the end, they will have a portfolio they can print out and keep in a binder as well as make their own 3D object with his printer that they design themselves . . . a trophy of sorts to culminate their learning with him. They also receive a very nice, framable certificate with his professional engineer stamp (PE) as they move through each of the levels. My guys are going to take a break at the end of May for the first time in 14 months (they’re sad), but we pick right back up as soon as the school year begins again, as we have worked it into their schooling education. ”

-Kim Hidalgo

“Tan is a great instructor. I had the opportunity to take a class with him a few years ago. The knowledge of 3D modeling and visualization of objects that he brought to the class were instrumental. By teaching hand sketching using engineering graphics principals while simultaneously teaching how to model in 3D, Tan’s students in the class gained a great skill set that allowed them to excel in their other design and engineering courses. Tan also brings a great level of interaction to his class by using WebEx software that allows screen sharing between all participants allowing them to work together.”

-Phillip Stephens

“Tan was my CAD teacher a couple years ago and since then I have continued to use his basic drafting principles! He is a great, patient teacher with a veryhands on approach to his class. One unique thing about Tan is he has a lot of industry experience so you can guarantee the things you see in his class can and will be applied in the real world. I recently got an internship at the same company where he works and ran into him. Not only did he recognize me but he showed me the ropes around the company! Great teacher and a really good drafter, definitely recommend taking his class.”

-Kevin Ton-That

“I only received the essential knowledge of Creo, then was forced to think by myself. When we had a question it was for a problem with OUR thought process, that we created. I like this because our problems belong to us, making them more memorable and avoidable in the future. Then we were given a book, so we can reflect off of it and compare/contrast our memorable thought process/procedure to a professional. It is a very successful way of teaching and I can see his university experience working. The one on one teaching improves communication between teacher/student, increasing my performance. The easy and casual interactivity between instructor and student. The simple and effective teaching process, with each day of the week designated to a particular skill or skill set that continually build on each other. The Lego project which was super fun and a very good way to put our 3D modeling skills to use in an actual real life situation.”

-Matthew Hiller

“The easy and casual interactivity between instructor and student. The simple and effective teaching process, with each day of the week designated to a particular skill or skill set that continually build on each other. The Lego project which was super fun and a very good way to put our 3D modeling skills to use in an actual real life situation.”

-Anna McCorkle

“Tan is a great teacher. His class focuses on hands learning. He makes sure to take the time to help those who are having trouble with the concepts as well as encourages those that understand to work ahead or help others that are not doing so well. Overall I give his teaching method an A++!”

-Michael Didion

“I took a class (Engineering Graphics) at the University of Houston Main Campus with professor Tan Le about 3 years ago. Professor Tan is one of the best professors I ever had and he is someone I highly respect. The fact that he was working full time at a different job and still took the time to teach us was something I really admire. More than an instructor, he was also a mentor and someone many of us looked up to. I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who takes his classes will get so much from them and will use whatever knowledge they have gained in their future. I will always remember how by the second lecture professor Tan had already learned all of our names (from a 40+ students class) that showed me how much he cared and proved his commitment to every single one of his students’ successes in that class. To summarize about professor Tan Le, he is an exemplary human being and a professional. The impact on people is immense and I know the impact he will have on his future students will be no different. I would definitely recommend “3DCAD - Creative Program", as it may be a useful tool for those interested in computer aided design, and also as an investment in your child’s future.”

-Jaime Bernadac

“This was a very fun class and included a variety of interesting material, from modeling to assembling, to manufacturing. My best understood subject is creating basic shapes using the extrude, sweep, and revolve tool. I made many parts, and each require a multitude of extruded and revolved shapes. My second best understood subject is dimensioning 2D projections and 3D objects. I learned how to properly draw and label parts, find gaps between surfaces and edges using the measure tool, and correctly size 3D objects. Last, I learned how to assemble parts in a large assembly using different types of constraints, and lock an object in place correctly.”


“The use of an advanced program such as PTC Creo and the ability to use tools (i.e. caliper, digitizer, etc.), makes this program different from a lot of others. Mr. Tan is a great teacher and made the learning process alot less boring than other classes I took in the past. A++.”

-Frank Gibbons

“Professor Tan's methods of teaching vary between student as needed. By the end of each class everyone has the same full understanding. It can be hard to comprehend how to model in 3D at first but Mr. Tan always knows a way to help anyone understand. He is a great teacher and I strongly recommend him to anyone interested in learning excellent 3D modeling. Since my first year in college, after taking his introductory course I became inspired in pursuing a 3D modeling career and do the similar work Mr. Tan does. He shows you examples of projects he has done and it is incredible work. His work examples show you the power Pro/ENGINEER can have and proves to you that anyone can do the same job. Once again Mr. Tan is an amazing teacher with great charisma, patience, and intelligence. Have fun and enjoy his courses.”

-Erick Mariscal